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Frysbe: Photo Roulette & Fling

发行商: Frysbe
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone


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Frysbe is a camera app that let you message people outside of your social circles, providing people an easier way to discover content and new stories from around the world. So... what are you waiting for? Download the best app for finding new friends to chat with, explore unknown places through real-time media from around the world and fling your first Frysbe.

Lovely Features:

• Hold down over a Frysbe to discover the unique content behind each Frysbe
• Engage with other people effortlessly
• Chat with strangers globally to get more vibe
• Easy to use & free international live chat
• Safe local chat & live talk community
• Young app
• Meet random people all over the world

There is no better way to break out of your current circle of friends and fling. Make new friends worldwide and live through the eyes of people in other countries.

What's a Frysbe?

Frysbes are small moments in someone's life, distributed around the world. Think of a modern message in a bottle thrown out to the world for someone to find.

With the idea of keeping each Frysbe special and surprising, Frysbes aren’t immediately visible. Press and hold to view them and discover the unique content behind each Frysbe.

We want to make each individual Frysbe feel special, like a message inside a bottle waiting to be read.

How it works?

There are 4 types of Frysbes that can be sent all around the world: Text, photo, video and GIF. Here is a resumed list of what you can do with a Frysbe:

• Hold down to view the content hidden behind the Frysbe
• To start a private chat, simply double tap on any Frysbe you see.
• Refrysbe you back out to the world for more people to see

What Our Members Say

• "I love this app! You get to chat with people around the world in a cool and fun way, fling and chacha”
• "I missed so much fling. Now its has new change and lots of interesting features to make friends globally."
• "I was missing fling too much. It's such an amazing platform to connect with new people and make fresh connections by talking to strangers."
• "It is the best app for connecting with people around the world. It even allows you to make friends globally and talk to strangers. Amazing experience using this chacha app."
• "Nice app to connect to people around the world.Sending messages to them and chatting with them. I like this chacha app to make friends world wide."
• "If you miss fling. Connecting with people all around the world for new friends and also communicate or talk to strangers. Start chacha chatting with people"

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