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Follow up on your run streak or any other daily exercise that you want to keep track of. Sick of doing the same thing every day? Do a streak that includes all type of funs/activities.

Set a distance goal and keep track of your total distance over a limited time or throughout the year. A thousand miles (or km) of whatever fun distance activity before Christmas/bikini season? You can do it!

Find it hard to get started? An easy countdown goal may help you stay motivated and keeps track of the remaining time.

New funs/exercises added that does not have a distance, like yoga or weightlifting.
The new funs can be mixed with the old ones and be included in the goals or kept isolated if you choose.

Comments can be added – this is the only exercise diary needed!

When you have set a goal, or several, simply add your funs (because it is always fun to do exercise, right?) and watch your goals move closer to fulfillment.

The app keeps statistics to follow your progress over time, and you can compare weeks, months and years to see your development.

Of course, you can choose to measure distance in km or miles.

Icons for non distance fun by

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