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发行商: Nadim Choudhury
价格: 0.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad



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Every FIFA Ultimate Team player wants the best players, squads, managers etc. But coins are hard to come by, aren't they?

But now, that's changed! With this app, you'll dominate and control the FIFA Ultimate Team Market, in terms of trading. Using this app, you WILL learn the following:

- How much to sell an item(s) for in order to get all your coins back and even make profit!

- Master the art of trading, by learning much to buy item(s) for, in order to make profit. No more fear of buying an item(s) and worrying if you cannot make a profit, we've got you covered!

Isn't that enough? How about a financial forecast, or as well like to call it, FUT forecast.

- State your pool (the amount of coins you have) and state how much, on average, you'd like to invest in an item(s) and your desired goal amount. And we will break is down for you to show you, a projection and how many item(s) you must sell and how much for in order to make the amount you wish!

We've even taken the 5% tax you incur when selling an item(s) on the market and prices shown include the 5% tax. Never lose out again on the coins you worked/played so hard for!

Making coins has never been easier! You're one step closer with every trade you make, using this app, to get your desired item(s).

UPDATE 3.0 -

Now we have added a chart to help you keep track of your expenses! See how much you spend on certain items i.e. packs, players, kits etc! Now you can invest your coins more wisely as well as be smart with your finances! Budget, invest and dominate FIFA 21 Ultimate Team


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