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TOP 35 App! Updated for 2015! Rated 5 stars by all users!

Why should you get this app?
1. Approved and certified by the OSL for accuracy of content.
2. Recommended by Ontario driving schools.
3. This app uses an interactive teaching method to make learning effective.
4. You don't need internet while using the app (no data and wifi usage).
5. More than 400 practice questions and answers just like the official test.
Bonus: Features games and challenges to practice your knowledge.

This is the OFFICIAL Ontario Safety League (OSL) driver's education app for all driving schools in Ontario.

The LATEST most up-to-date G1 test app on iTunes for 2015. Now compatible with all iPhone 5 and 6 models!

Other apps just have test questions. G1 Ontario Learner has a lot more: accurate test questions, a lesson on traffic signs, a challenge mode and a signs game. Our test questions are extremely similar to what you will see on the official test.

Our app includes unlimited tests! The tests are different and random everytime.

This app works on iPhone and iPod Touch with iOS 5.0 and higher.

- Designed specifically for Ontario G1 examination
- Based on the official MTO driver's handbook
- More than 400 practice questions and answers
- Questions generated randomly like the official MTO test
- 4 different modes: Learn, Challenge, Play and Practice Test
- Features over 100 most common Ontario traffic signs
- Beautiful Retina display optimized graphics
- Custom background music
- Auto saving scoring system for Play mode
- Instant feedback for the different modes
- View test results after taking the Practice Test exam

Please do not hesitate to email us with any problems or questions at apps@radiantdesignstudio.com

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