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Galaxy Shooter Battle

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If you are a big fan of classic arcade galaxy free shooting games so this newest space game ( space-game ) : Galaxy Shooter Battle 2020 : Alien Shooter - Galaxy attack is the best game for you that will make you feel like playing a classic galaxian game. Most attractive shooting games or alien shooter ( alien-shooter ). It simulates a specific war in galaxy attack alien shooter and space shooter ( space-shooter ).

You will be faced with an increasingly large number of sky alien invader squadron strike forces, find a way to upgrade your spaceship engines plane to have a higher attack power ship and kill many galaxian striker Bosses in galactica wars to save earth from the space invaders enemies - alian shooter , spacecraft attackers, space-shooter.

Are you sure you will survive in the infinity galaxy shooter war ?
>>> Join the battle galaxy attack and Start to shoot’ em up galaxy invaders !!!


- Many modes in galaxy attack alien shooter to play : Adventure , Endless, Ranking.
- Various enemy Minions : hundred of mission invaders, spaceship attackers and aircrafts squadrons frag .
- Over 860+ shooters challenging levels with various rocket difficulties.
- HD Graphic : Beautiful maps and gorgeous pixel graphic reminds old school games
- New modern combat: alien shooter, falcon squad and galaxy attack are all attractive galactica elements in this impact galaxy wars.
- Mission system : immersive daily air mission and achievements to conquer galactica impact.
- Fierce Boss Battle: defeat the extreme bosses to protect your spaceship - galaxy shooter safely
- Amazing sound and effects of shooting falcon squad - space game.
- Space animations: Player movement, Player thruster, Enemy galaga explosion, hayday.
- Unlimited Gems / Coins: you will gain more free coins and gem shooting per level passing hayday.
- Power upgrade : many power-up items, boosters ship rewards for complete defender missions in space shooter.
- Extreme combining of space-shooter, space-game, galaxy attack, bomberman and alien shooter.
- Choose the right skills during the space battles to control your galaga spaceship to fight - attack - shooting with giant enemies and alien invaders, alian shooter, virus ship, sky plane.
- More than 5 spaceships is commensurate with many shooting skills to play.
- Skill based win : Fair game play, no pay to win.
- Free download, no wifi needed
- Simple and Easy to Play
- Arcade games for free, starship, falcon squad, space invaders free.

With Air Force Galaxy shooting games, you will use amazing battleship:
- Move spaceship and dodge enemy's bullets.
- Shoot all evil alien spacecraft enemies down in the galaxy shooter battle - spaceship games.
- Upgrade your shooting weapons/ lasers/ bullets and galactic spaceship by collecting sky coins for space-team.
- Use gems to buy many booster items to level up easier.
- Complete tasks every day to receive specific free coins and gems bangs.
- Use appropriate strategy skills to change your sky guns/weapons.
- Challenge yourself in three mode campaigns in alien shooter.
- Use your spaceship to shoot them down and clear all enemy space-team in the space galaxy ( galactica ) war.

Build a strong air force and join the galaxy shooter wars - alien shooter !
Protect the galaxy from space invaders - rescue your falcon squad and become the greatest Captain - That is your defender mission in this infinity Galaxy Shooter Battle 2020 : Alien Shooter - Galaxy attack

Get your spaceship ready for infinity space battles, galaxy attack alien shooter in this arcade shooting game - Top of casual game in 2020.
Are you sure you will survive in this war ? Come to join our Galaxy shooter air force and challenge yourself.

Download for free now!


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