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Game Book™ - Take your game book with you wherever you go and keep a tally of where, what and with whom you have shot - all in your pocket!

Want to record exactly what you have shot each time you go out? Wondering if you are shooting more or less than last season? Want to easily share your tally with friends? What to keep track of what you have shot compared to the total for the day? What to keep a record of who was shooting with you or who your guest was?

Then this is the shooting and game App for you!


Game Book™ helps you to

• Record where you shot
• Record what you shot
• Record who you shot with
• Record the total bag
• Easily browse and filter your shoots by name or season
• View your statistics for all time, per season or for an individual shoot
• Share with your friends


Game Book™ is easy to use

• Enter the shoot name and date
• Enter the total shot (bag) for the day
• Enter the number of game you have shot (by species)
• Add a note (perhaps of who you were shooting with)


• Browse by any combination of shoot name or season
• View your statistics for all time, per season or for an individual shoot
• Share with your friends via email or Facebook


Game Book™ will record

• Pheasants
• Partridges
• Grouse
• Duck
• Woodcock
• Snipe
• Pigeons
• Rabbits
• Hares
• Various / Other


Backup, Restore and Share to Dropbox

Select the Dropbox icon at the top of the Info page to get started. Enter the account details for the Dropbox account you wish to link with the app (you only need to do this once per device). Tap backup to send your data to Dropbox or tap on one of the previous backups to restore your data from Dropbox. If you have more than one device you can share your data easily between devices by making a backup of your data on one device and then restoring onto another and vice versa


Game Book™ is a product from ESZ Consulting Ltd.


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