Garden Tycoon

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This garden place needs to be improved! Only the best gardener ever can do it really fast! Be that king experienced person, grab your special instruments and knowledge and go! Download this wonderful Garden Tycoon game and show the people your fantastic skills in gardening! Plant beautiful flowers, clean the territory up and decorate this place!

Start with somehow boring things - pouring, pruning and weeding, exterminate all the pests at your green bushes, trees and flowers, pick up the trash and fertilize the ground! People like well-groomed places, so they’ll give some money to make more colorful improvements – just don’t let them down and remember: you’re the best gardener here!

Earn coins from contented people and unlock new interesting ways to decorate your dream garden! Buy new interesting pavilions (bright and super comfortable), check better soil and plant fantastically beautiful flowers – do everything possible to attract more people to your garden! Play this fantastic Garden Tycoon game and you won’t be disappointed!

You were chosen to improve this large garden, ‘cause now it looks really terrible! People have heard about your special gardening talents and now they’re waiting for you to cultivate many colorful plants and flowers here! Show them your decoration skills and put fantastic fountains and comfortable pavilions to rest in!

Garden Tycoon features:
• Nice opportunity to create your own dream garden
• Plant interesting trees, flowers and bushes
• Decorate tour garden to make it really unique
• Enjoy addictive gameplay with simple and intuitive controls
• Watch exciting and colorful graphics

Dreamed about your own large garden with fantastically beautiful flowers? It’s time to check your gardening skills even without leaving your room! Play Garden Tycoon game, do your best and create your dream garden as soon as possible!

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