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Genetics and Evolution

发行商: Russell Myers
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Genetics and Evolution solves four types of basic problems commonly taught in introductory genetics courses in high schools and colleges. This app was originally designed for the Duke University (and Coursera) Introduction to Genetics and Evolution course, but it is helpful for any students, teachers, or practitioners in genetics! Problems solved include:

* Genetic cross mapping -- accepts genotype counts for three genes from a "test cross", and uses the counts to infer the gametic phase, the recombination rate between the three genes, and the gene order.

* Breeder's equation heritability -- with any three of the following values, calculates the fourth: starting phenotype, selected phenotype, response phenotype, broad-sense heritability.

* Hardy-Weinberg -- accepts genotype counts for a single gene and outputs observed genotype frequencies, expected genotype frequencies, and the coefficient of inbreeding (F).

* Population Growth -- with any of the following 3 values, calculates the fourth: Initial Population, Final Population, Time in years, Growth Rate (or separate birth/death rates)

* Self Test quiz-- quiz yourself on some common basic genetic terms.

* Allele Freak: track and graph the fate of alleles over multiple generations based on relative fitness, genetic drift etc

* Cross Simulator: simulate various types of Mendelian crosses. results are displayed in Punnett Square format, and resulting genotypes/phenotypes and ratios are displayed

Use this app to check your answers, or better yet, to generate a nearly infinite number of practice problems! Features Dropbox integration for depositing a pdf of practice problems.


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