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GeoFlight Netherlands Pro

发行商: TopoMonkey
价格: 1.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Climb aboard and get ready to fly - because GeoFlight Netherlands will take you to the skies in a geographical adventure! This award-winning game brings the world to your fingertips... literally! 

====== What others say: =================
- 2nd Price Award in "Meester App" competition: A search for the best educational app by the Dutch Government.
- Awarded by Apple as "All time favorites", "New & Noteworthy" and "What's Hot" - Apple iTunes Store.
- Applace: "Practicing with your children has never been this fun!"
- "great for people who want to polish up on their geographical skills, especially suitable for scholars."

Can you name all 12 provinces? How about big cities, small towns or other places of interest? Could you correctly guess the names of all capitals? 

GeoFlight Netherlands is a fun, addictive, challenging and educational geography game that will push your brain to its limit! Soar through the sky and learn the names and locations of provinces, cities and capitals in a game like no-other! 

This fun learning experience will teach you everything you need to know! Say goodbye to boring quizzes and say hello to a better and interactive way to learn! Increase your speed and fly to the correct locations - will you make it there in time? 

So jet off on an airborne adventure in three exciting game modes: 

1) Practice Mode 
Learn the provinces, capitals and cities in Practice Mode and improve your knowledge of the Netherlands! 

2) Timerace 
Race against the clock and name as many destinations as possible in Timerace. Get hints to help you along the way and work your way up the leaderboard - can you achieve the top spot and beat your friends’ highscores? 

3) Multiple Choice 
Take up the challenge and give as many correct answers as possible in the Multiple Choice Questions mode! 

GeoFlight Netherlands is designed for the whole family! Whether you are a geography-geek or a rookie - GeoFlight Netherlands will be fun, entertaining and undeniably mind-bending! 

- Award-winning geography game (Second place Meester App Award)
- Practice all locations, area's and rivers from the CITO Method, just like in school.
- Choose the locations you want to learn from a list of locations.
- Fun, addictive and challenging gameplay for kids and adults alike! 
- Soar past nearly 47 cities, 148 towns and 12 capitals in all 12 provinces! 
- Three exciting game modes to play: Practice, Timerace and Multiple Choice Questions! 
- Play in English or Dutch! 
- No advertisements or in-app purchases! 

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This app:
- Does NOT contain 3rd party ads.
- Does NOT contain in-app purchases.
- Does NOT contain integration with social networks.
- Does NOT include external links
- Does NOT allow free internet acces from within the app
- Does NOT access your location information
- Does collect anonymous data about usage activity, such as what parts of the app you used. We use this information to improve our app. We DO NOT collect information such as your name, address, age, gender or e-mail address.

For more information on our privacy policy please visit:


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