gifoodles! animated GIFs you doodle

发行商: appikiko LLC
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价格: 1.99 USD 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch


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The BEST draw-it-yourself GIF making app ever!
Your GIFs are instantly ready to share as a sticker directly from the new iMessage extensions. You are an animation rockstar!

Use pre-doodled doodles! stickers or doodle your own.

gifoodles! leads you through the steps clearly and simply - just like adding a filter on Instagram.

The beautiful digital ink and simple paint-bucket fill make your doodles look fabulous. The stretchable and movable editing features make it super easy to tweak your drawings into a fully animated sequence.

Your friends will be amazed that you actually made these GIFs yourself. . . fill your feed with your gifoodles!

gifoodle on a photo!

Super-fast and super-easy!

Simple built-in sharing.
It is so easy to make something awesome!

Once you start, all you will want to do is show off how awesome your animating skills are with gifoodles! Addicting and creative. Go for it!

Check in often to find new theme packs with doodles, backgrounds and special actions for you to create fun and amazing animations.

Use appikiko's doodles! app to create your own customized doodle stickers to import into gifoodles! for even more creative opportunities!

You can even view your latest animations on your Apple Watch at any time.

There is also a super-handy Keyboard Extension ready for you to send your GIF collection right from your favorite messaging app.

Let us know what themes you'd like to see. We are listening:-)

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