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Gin Rummy Gold - Win Prizes!

发行商: Grey Square Games
价格: 免费


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When you play Gin Rummy Gold, you’re playing the classic card game gin rummy for real world prizes!

Challenge your opponent in head-to-head gin rummy games. The player who wins the game wins real world prizes as a reward!

Join the Skillz community and compete in gin rummy tournaments for real world prizes! Best your opponents by scoring the most points first. Play a real person in classic gin rummy; it’s easy. Pick up a card and discard a card to collect the best set. Collect the points left in your opponent’s hand and knock your way to victory. The first one to hit the big score in this classic, simple gin rummy card game wins real prizes!

Gin Rummy is so easy to play. Simply pick up a card then discard one from your hand. Build runs or straights of the same suit or collect 3 or more of a kind from different suits. If you find the best combos and have the best meld, you’ll accumulate more points than your opponent and that lucky winner gets to choose their prize!

Gin Rummy Gold Features:

Classic Card Game with a Twist!
- Competitive gin rummy games for real world prizes!
- Insanely addicting gin rummy games to train your skills
- Most fun way to win real world prizes with a classic card game app
- Form melds and eliminate deadwood in this fast-paced game of gin
- Gin rummy cards are played to score! Beat your opponent by collecting the best sets.
- Collect all the gin rummy melds and runs you need to defeat the computer and outscore your real world opponent.

Competitive Gin Rummy Tournaments
- Play tournaments of the most popular rummy card game variant, gin.
- Compete in daily gin rummy tournaments for a chance to win real world prizes!
- Compete to score against real life gin rummy players to prove who’s best. The highest score wins real world prizes!

Love the simple, classic card game gin rummy? Then it’s time for to take your meld and run skills to the next level with Gin Rummy Gold. Start winning tournaments and head-to-head face-offs for real cash with Gin Rummy Gold!

Download today for free and join the gin rummy card tournaments to win real world prizes!


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