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gohenry - Pocket Money Manager

发行商: gohenry Ltd
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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gohenry is the pocket money management tool that helps children learn how to earn, save and spend money responsibly. Children aged 6-18 get their very own prepaid Visa debit card (just like a bank card), while parents use the app to manage the account and set spending limits. Plus, the automatic pocket money transfer makes life a whole lot easier for families.

It’s the simple child account that teaches young people how to be financially independent, while giving parents total peace of mind with extra safety features:
- Spending limits to stop overspending
- Prepaid card means no debt
- State of the art chip security
- PIN protected transactions

gohenry’s iOS app makes it even easier and more convenient for parents and their children to manage their gohenry accounts.

Here’s what parents can do
Enjoy ease and convenience
- Add up to 4 children
- Set up regular pocket money transfers
- Make instant one-off payments
- Set tasks for them to earn a little more
- Invite relatives to contribute

Tailor each child’s spending environment
- Set single and weekly spending limits
- Choose where the card can be used (in-store, online or at the ATM)
- Block and unblock cards instantly
- Receive real-time notifications

Here’s what children can do
Mark tasks as complete for extra cash
Budget with their set weekly allowance

Use the card within your limits
Use contactless and online for games and more
Receive real-time explanations for declined transactions

Pay automatically into savings goals
Ask relatives to contribute towards savings

Personalise their gohenry
Our custom card designs make your child’s experience as unique as they are. Add their name, choose a pattern and pick a colour to make learning about money something children can be proud of for just £4.99.

The gohenry app helps parents and children manage their accounts on the move. If you don’t already have a gohenry account, you can still download the app today and sign up in just a couple of minutes.


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16689 条评价

It’s great, but.....

The kids love it, I love. The only problem is that with three kids the cost a month is a lot for my family. You pay per child not per account. It’s a great way to learn kids to save and be responsible. Just wish the account was the £2.99 a month and not per child


Good app

I rlly rlly like this app it rlly rlly helpful I love that kids my age can spend there money on the go the only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t work at place that sell alcohol like my local shop but I totally understand that tho I rlly rlly recommend this app so quickly download it !!!!


Very good app

Very good and easy to use app. Full of good functionalities which are very helpful for the kids to learn about money (earnings, savings and planning). The ability to now send money directly to the kid’s account is great. The only thing is that you can’t link the card to ApplePay. Hope they can sort this out soon.


Good but needs a couple of tweaks to be 5star

This is a fab concept. My kids are very excited having their own cards. The introduction of daily tasks would be a life saver for me. Currently I’ve had to enter the same task multiple times to get it as a daily task. But then 50p a time is too high! So for me 10p or 20p minimum would be fab for smaller tasks like making their bed. Currently 50p a go for tasks would leave me giving them far too much by the end of the week! So I find it’s limiting the tasks I can give them.



Worst app to use, my son was stuck in London as his card needed topping up and according to the app I entered the wrong details (even though I chose the details!!) and it then wouldn’t let me reset my pass word and log in and then told me I couldn’t do anything for over two hours😡 then when I call the so called help line no one pick up and told me I could login and use live chat (I’m guessing no one with any intelligence came up with that as logging in was the issue🤦🏻‍♂️) so my son was stuck in London for over an hour as I then had to get a train up there to buy him a ticket in person (at more cost to myself) so all in all this is a pretty useless service and app. And in my sons case caused great concern and panic as he was worried he wouldn’t be able to get home. And why can I not enter no stars as a rating ?????


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