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This excellent three-player card game is well known in Eastern European countries.

3 play modes
- online (win coins, grow rating, become #1 player)
- with friends (become strongest player among your friends)
- with AI (3 levels of difficulty)

- In-game currency for bets
- All - mine option to faster a game
- Different levels of difficulty
- Variety of playing rooms
- Additional options for rules (Gold bet, 4 Aces and other)
- Enhanced statistics to follow progress
- Share your achievements with friends

Short rules:
A 24-card deck is used. 1000 is a point-trick game: the aim is to win tricks containing valuable cards. There are just six cards in each of the suits Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades and their ranking from high to low and their point values are as follows:

•Ace 11 points
•Ten 10 points
•King 4 points
•Queen 3 points
•Jack 2 points
•Nine 0 points

There are therefore 120 card points in the pack altogether, and a player who holds both the king and the queen of a suit (a pair or marriage) can obtain additional points by declaring them as follows:

•King and Queen of Hearts 100 points
•King and Queen of Diamonds 80 points
•King and Queen of Clubs 60 points
•King and Queen of Spades 40 points

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