Gomoku在线 - 最好的caro

发行商: Tuyen Mai
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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* Gomoku, someone also known as caro or extension of tic tac toe, is the best famous board game on over the world. I sure that you have played at least one time when you were student.

* Go-moku game has easy rule: you just put 5 stones in a row to win (also known as five in a row).
There are 6 opponents to challenge from easy to hard:
- A Lucky Child: He is just 9 years old. This is the easiest level.
- Pretty Girl: She is beautiful, she is smart, she is 20 years old. This is medium level.
- Gentlemen: He is handsome, he is 39 years old, he is sober. This is hard level.
- Master: He is old, he is the master. You must have patience to play with him.
- Grand Master: He is very old, excellent at Gomoku.
- Genius: The strongest opponent, challenge with him if you are the best.

Special Features only in Gomoku 2019:
- You can use unlimited undo.
- You can select Stone style or student style.
- Many board styles.
- Very Brilliant UI, excellent graphic, magic animation.
- Pretty sound and music.
- Sign in and view leaderboard.
- Can play with friends in 2 players mode.
- Multiplayer (gomoku online version) with full feature.

Nice time to play Caro 2019.

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