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goUBC has been ranked the NO. 1 Grade Tracking App made exclusively for UBC Students

*Grade analysis + grade distribution for OVER 15,000+ UBC COURSES from 1996 to current year!*

goUBC is the first iOS app that provides real time grade calculation and analysis exclusively for UBC students. Simply set up your goals and start tracking your progress!

**All of our course average data was pulled directly from UBC PAIR and we update our database remotely once grades are published (the best part is that you don’t even need to update the app at all!)**

Let’s talk about what goUBC can do for you!

1) Grade calculation with ease: enter your course components and get your final grade instantly. Click the grade circle to change a numerical grade to a letter grade

2) Grade analysis just for you: set your goals and get instant data on what grade you need for each component to reach those goals

3) We support over 15,000 courses offered by UBC. Check out past course averages to know how you are doing comparing to your peers

4) High accuracy: we are closely monitoring the UBC academic calendar to ensure that our grading scheme is always up-to-date so you can have peace of mind

5) Safety and privacy: all your data is safely stored locally on your phone with industry leading encryption. All data processing and handling is performed by our local processing engine. In short, you are in 100% control of all your data. Not me, not Apple, not even the NSA

6) Fast and reliable: goUBC is using cutting-edge algorithms and technologies to ensure high performance and reliability.

7) Track your term average and seasonal average with just one tap

8) Switching to new phone? No worries! Use iCloud Backup to save and migrate your courses to the new phone!

If you have any concerns, questions or suggestions, let us know! No complaints and love it? Please give this app five stars to show your support!

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