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GPX Recorder - GPS Tracker for outdoor activities

发行商: Florian Kriesche
价格: 1.99 USD


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Take Control of Your GPX Track

GPX-Recorder offers the tracking capabilities of classic GPS devices with the powerful technical capacity of your iPhone. You can record the perfect GPX track and stay in control of important factors like your privacy, power consumption and trackpoints.

Control Your Data

Innovative features of the GPX-Recorder app give you power over your tracking experience. Unlike many tracking apps, GPX-Recorder allows you to record your trail while maintaining complete location privacy. Your recorded data stays with you until you decide to share it.

In addition to privacy controls, GPX-Recorder provides you with several useful tools for managing tracking and data:

• Modify the minimum GPS accuracy to adjust power consumption.
• Define the distance between trackpoints.
• Start and stop recording with your Apple Watch.
• Record your track anywhere and anytime. You are not constrained by the need for a network connection as the app works even when you are offline.

GPX-Recorder offers you these control features and access to important data with no follow up costs.

Access Your Data

GPX-Recorder allows you to export the most important information about your trail. Each GXP export includes the following data:

• Exact position and GPS accuracy
• Elevation above sea level
• Timestamps in seconds and milliseconds, allowing for precise speed calculations
• Air pressure for iPhone 6 and above with M8 chip
• Names of waypoints
• Data source of the record

The Perfect GPX Track

You do not need to sacrifice location privacy to record the perfect GPX track. You can access your data and maintain control with the help of the unique management features of GPX-Recorder.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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