Grand Bus Simulator

发行商: Siva Kumar
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价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Grand Bus Simulator is the latest simulation game that brings to you one of the most compelling and satisfying traffic dodging experience as a real Bus Driver!

Get on board, learn driving a real coach buses across various locations including city, highway, off-road, and mountains and become a perfect driver to slip through traffic and take corners at top speed. Complete all the missions to unlock next challenges

Dropping/Picking Mission
Stop near a highlighted bus stops to pick pedestrians up then drive them to their destination before the time runs out. If the player runs out of time, or damages their vehicle too badly, the passenger will flee, ending the mission.

Bomb Mission
Never slow down, or the bus will explode along with all the passengers!
You got to save the people! Just keep the pedal to the metal and drive towards the destination in time to diffuse the bomb

Note - If you are stopped or drive slowly the detonation bar will increase, which leads to explode


- Choose from the fastest & realistic high-performance buses!

- Gigantic freely accessible city for a great open-world experience

- Plan your own routes and drive them yourself

- A multitude of pedestrians and vehicles with different behaviours bring the city alive

- Smooth & user friendly controls : Steering Wheels, Buttons & Tilt Controls

- Radar map to locate buses, petrol pumps, and bus stops

- Enjoy extreme 3D visuals!


- Touch gas button to accelerate , tilt to steer, and brake button to slow down

- Plan the short route to reach the destination within a time limit.

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