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Grand Gangster Crime City

发行商: Kiran arif
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Begin the dangerous journey of the crime city as a gangster who steal and fight and become the real Gangster Star in town of Las Vegas!

A Criminal games which has everything of crime city that’s makes you a gangster in the fantasy and action games world where you have to complete the sick targets to kill the horrible fighters generating horrible gang wars and earn bigger bucks than you have ever imagined!

Play through the loft of the houses of the gangsters and hubs of the rival gangs in the Las vegas city. You will get assigned by your master, Mr Pito who has enough knowledge about the most dangerous and deadly criminals in the country. Fight with the gangsters in the Las Vegas crime city as they are famous for it.

In the Las Vegas city which is famous for the crime city and the gangsters, thugs, robbers and rivals are roaming find your target but be careful from other gangsters in the gangster game. Kill the target terrorists. You will have the grand tanks, helicopters, cars and thousands of bucks will be given once you achieve your target of killing and shooting games.

As the day passes and shifts to afternoon and then night, the time passes and it will get harder for you to spot you’re your rivals and gangster gangs. You can always buy bigger weapons and fight the real crime in the city. Start the horrible fighting king and do some stealing, violence and kill the racists and thugs around you.

Grand Gangster Mafia Crime City Simulator Features:

• You will have bigger gun, and grand weapons like machine guns and riffles.
• Sequence based dangerous fighting levels.
• Task will be assigned like theft, steal and crime to be the thug!
• Drive your own theft car in grand the auto.
• Fly your own helicopter to find your dangerous rival gangsters
• There will multiple tasks assigned by the boss!
• Time based and health based tasks! Be careful not to get hurt
• A gun and a sword in the beginning of the game.
• Thousands of sick and horrible tasks assigned.
• Strip the Grand Rivals apart to earn coins.
• 3 different cities to choose to play in the Las Vegas Crime City.
• Weapon shop to buy more, bigger and grand fighting tools
• Different controls for tank, helicopter and motor car.

If you’re a fan of action, theft, motor driving, drifting, tanks, helicopter and gangster games. The racist gangster who is out there to kill the terrorists, thugs, rivals and enemy.

How to Play Grand Gangster Mafia Crime City Simulator

• Start the game with selecting your choice of the crime city.
• Play the game with meeting the new Grand Gangster master who will assign you the tasks.
• Use grand the auto to find the terrorists hubs and rival spots.
• Use controls for the motor car in the criminal game.
• Move around Crime city and Las vegas in games like boss.
• Use the Joystick to move around in the crime city.
• While driving the car use steering and controls
• Use fire button to fire missiles and gunshots.
• Make sure when you go into the sea, you don’t drown in it.


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