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CASIO Graph Calculator Manual

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• This app shows all important functions of the graphing calculator CASIO fx-9860GII, which are very useful for final secondary-school examinations (also suited for fx-9860G and CFX-9850G).
• The apps shows exactly which buttons you have to press on your calculator for every topic.
• Through the support of CASIO the original illustrations can be used.
• You can swipe through screenshots of the original graphing calculator which show every step you have to do.
• There are helpful descriptions in the app which give some additional info.

6 Reasons to buy this app:
1. Includes 42 topics for high school and college(all you need)
2. Easy key-press-sequences to solve math problems fast
3. The app includes more than 300 screenshots (one screenshot for each step of each topic)
4. An example for every topic to learn new stuff
5. Infoboxes for more detailed explanations
6. More than 60 math problems and a quiz to practice your skills

Not yet convinced? Here's the detailed description:
• Every topic shows a detailed instruction through screenshots of the original graphing calculator how to solve the exercise. You only have to slide to get the next screenshot which looks similar with your calculator!
• To ”become warm” you have the possibility to insert a sample function in your calculator which is used in the App. The App shows an example for every topic (e. g. a registered function in the GRAPH-Menu). After that, press the first button of the particular key-press-sequence on the graphing calculator. Then slide once again to get the next Screenshot. These will look like the display of your calculator, if you did everything right. The App contains for each step a picture to make it easier to solve the exercise.
The key-press-sequence contains images of the original buttons, that you can find the keys very fast on your calculator!

• The app is also useful for preparing your examination, because you often don't remember all instructions of the calculator.

• Your teacher will be grateful as well, because he doesn't have to walk around the classroom until everyone's calculator shows the right solution. You only have to take a look at the app and know how to do!

• The app contains the following topics:
Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Solve Equations, Matrices, Basic Knowledge in GRAPH-Menu, how to fix all kinds of errors, the calculator might show (Syntax Error, Condition Error…) and:

• CAS (Computer Algebra System)
The App describes the CAS, how to install it on your calculator ( then you can install games on the same way) and the use of it. With a CAS you are able to calculate the derivative or antiderivative (not only graphically) and much more.

• The app contains the following topics:

• Zeros of a Function
• Y-Intercept
• Calculate Tangent
• Calculate Normal
• Intersection of two Functions
• Maxima
• Minima
• Draw Derivation
• Inflection Points
• Y-Calculation
• X-Calculation
• Regression
• Find the Equation of a Curve

• Integral in RUN-Menu
• Integral in GRAPH-Menu
• Area between two Functions
• Find Area with Absolute Value

• Simultaneous
• Polynomial
• Solve Equations

• Save Matrix
• Put into Row Echelon Form
• Solve Matrix
• Transpose of a Matrix
• Inversion of a Matrix
• Identity Matrix

• MENU Settings
• Insert Functions with Parameter
• Select/ deselect Functions

• Syntax ERROR
• Condition ERROR
• Range ERROR
• Argument ERROR
• Stack ERROR
• Memory ERROR

• What's that?
• Installation Instructions
• Differentiation
• Integration
• Expand an Expression
• Simplification
• Solve Equations exactly

• Practice with over 60 math problems and solutions
• You can practice math problems of a single topic (e.g. Zeros of a Function) or random math problems of Differential Calculus for example.
• As an alternative the app shows you mixed math problems of all topics.


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