Grid & No Crop for Instagram

发行商: Patel Darshan
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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You must have faced a situation where you want to set some good photo of yours as your profile picture but instagram makes it square and few portions of the image gets cut.

But now this problem is solved, Grid & No Crop for Instagram makes your any photo square and perfectly suitable for profile picture.

Once you are done with your profile photo, as we know there is a trend on instagram that people post different photos and together it becomes one full complete picture. You can also do it easily with this app to make your profile look more beautiful.

No Crop for Instagram:

Step1: Import an image from your phones gallery.

Step2: Select a background. Here we have 3 varieties of background option:
- Color: Here you can set any solid colors as your photo background.
- Pattern: From our different varieties of patterns select one and apply it on your background.
- Blur: In between, your full clear picture will be displayed and on sides blur photo will be there.

Step3: Click on tick icon to save your image.

Grid for Instagram:

Step1: Import an image from your phones gallery.

Step2: Select a grid which suits your image.

Step3: You will be seeing your image preview in grid format and numbers will be written on each grid peace, in that sequence you have to upload all the images on instagram.

Step4: Directly share all the images on instagram with this app or download it and share it later.

So download Grid & No Crop for Instagram app now and make your insta profile look better.

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