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Make graph paper. Print or Share. For makers, students, engineers, and scientists to make graph paper at the size they need. Overlay a grid on an image. Set the scale to fit your data or project. Make game maps. Choose grid line colors that inspire & set your work apart. Use Paint tool to color grid and make simple annotations. Print on standard size paper or take a custom-sized PDF to a copy shop to print large. Share a paper’s PDF or Image by email or to other apps.

It’s easy to create graph paper —
1. Choose 8 types of graph paper
2. Customize grid & labels, maybe even add an image
3. Paint or Annotate the grid
4. Save as a PNG or PDF to Print or Share


GRID graph paper —
• Divide with light, medium or heavy grid lines.
• Set square or rectangle grids to an exact size — perfect for makers like knitters!
• Place & label axes.
• Add diagonal lines to transform a grid into half-square or quarter-square triangles.
• Place a center-dot anywhere on the page.
• Label Rows & Columns with numbers or letters, choose the starting corner & values — great for gamers!

DOT (ISOMETRIC) graph paper —
• Pick from 5 dot styles.
• Choose isometric or rectangular dot pattern.
• Specify exact dot spacing. Use optional horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines to connect the dots.
• Place a center-dot anywhere on the page.
• Label Rows & Columns with numbers or letters — great for game maps!

DIAGONAL graph paper —
• Divide with light, medium or heavy grid lines.
• Divide & sub-divide blocks.
• Add spacing between blocks.
• Overlay an image with a grid & center-point.

√ One purchase works on all devices — iPhone, iPad, iPod.
√ Metric (cm or mm) or inches for grids and page sizes.
√ Pinch-n-zoom increases the size of the view.
√ Paint and annotate. Create a custom color palette in Paint. Snap-to-grid option makes it easier to add lines or move lines and text. Hide grid when done.
√ Place an image under any grid, then adjust to the right size and placement.
√ Make graph papers with four line colors using built-in or custom palettes.
√ Use Tiling to switch from a full page grid to place multiple, small grids on a page.
√ Place a center-point anywhere on the page of most papers.
√ Add a title at top or bottom of page, select different font, sizes, bold or italic, and colors.
√ Save as an image (PNG) with transparency or PDF and import into a drawing app.
√ Print Settings for standard papers (such as 8.5x11 or A4) or set a custom size. Adjustable margins.
√ Quick Pick Templates can be used ‘as is’ or as a short cut to create a unique layout.
√ App-level settings control default page size, inch or metric, and can be overridden on individual papers.

*** NEED MORE? ***
In-App Purchases unlock more possibilities!

HEXAGON — Split & sub-divided hexagons create 3D or isometric paper. Long hexagons are also possible. Choice of numeric or letter labels for coordinates — perfect for game maps.

LOG-LOG & SEMI-LOG — Complex log paper. Choose x & y starting labels, set number of cycles, add divisions & sub-divisions.

POLAR — Unique polar grids with degrees, radians or compass labels with full line weight control. Set concentric steps and then chose from two ways to divide: [!1!] set up to 3 levels of angle subdivision, [!2!] set a division to divide into wedges.

SPIDER — Spider Chart graph paper. Choose number of points, stepping, rings and set orientation of the polygon.

ANCESTRY — Ancestry circle or fan that fits your family, up to 12 generations. Set fan angle to a half circle or larger. Custom print settings allow printing to large paper, even poster size to make the chart easy to write on and show to others.

Tell us if you can’t create the paper you need. Send an email and we’ll see what we can do!


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