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"Grocery list - online sync" is an elegant app to keep track of your shopping lists .

Create multiple shopping lists , for example one for groceries, gifts , things you need to remember etc.

It is also possible to buy synchronization, so that multiple devices can share shopping lists .
Ideal for families who need flexibility, whether it is one or the other to shop.
You can select which lists must be synchronized, and which should remain your own private list.

- Built-in self-learning dictionary: Entered items are automatically stored in the dictionary for future fast entry through word prompter
- The items can be grouped in colors, so that the list is grouped by where in the supermarket the items are.
- Checkmark the goods of while you shop, so you always have an overview of what you are missing .
Items that are ticked , goes to the bottom of the list.
They can easily come back on the list, simply by clicking on them.
- Send your shopping list by SMS or email.
- Synchronize with other iPhones / iPads and sync also with devices from other platforms.
- Change the language from within the settings.
- Multiplatform install the app on iOS and other platforms.

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