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Dreams without goals, are just a dream that will never happen. We all have 24 hours a day and it is how you use these 24 hours that separate the unsuccessful people from the successful people that achieve their dreams.

Growth helps you focus on achieving your dreams. Growth is the only simple and beautifully designed app that has your schedule, your to do list, your goals, your motivation & happiness for the day all in the same place. With Growth you plan daily your day and each day is a new start because unlike other apps where you set your goals and day by day you postpone them and after a long time you realize that you haven’t achieved any of your goals. With Growth everyday you set a plan for the day with your schedule, goals, to dos & motivation and after a day your plan disappear and you have to set new plan for the next day. So day by day you can achieve your goals and ultimately make your dream a reality so stop waisting your time because time is running out.

No hidden subscription fees, only a one time payment of $0.99.
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