Guess The Flag - Guess Country Name

发行商: Waheed Khan
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Whenever you want to increase your general knowledge or want to know the Flags of the country of the word here is an app available now "Guess the Flag" is an iOS app here is the big collection of the flags you can increase your general knowledge using this app.
- User can easily know the flag of the countries it will increase your general knowledge
- User can easily Install and use this app
- It will not slow down the speed of your iOS devices
- Having amazing graphics for the user which make this app more attractive
- It will not consume a lot of battery of your iOS devices
- It will increase the efficiency of your iOS device because if you install this app your iOS device will can give you general knowledge
- The size of the app is low so that anyone can use this app
- Your vocabulary can also improve
- It will give you extra coins using different packages

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