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This is a words-puzzle game where you uncovers phrases by guessing which letters and words are in the mystery phrase. You can learn the meanings of various proverbs and idioms while playing the game.

The game-play is similar to the classic Hangman game, but with proverbs, idioms, wise-sayings and famous quotes. You're presented with a fill-in-the-blank letters, along with alphabet letters which you can choose to fill in the grid, to complete the mystery phrase.

Tap on a letter and if the letter is in the phrase, it will be placed in the appropriate position (or positions if the letter appear in multiple places). If the letter isn't in the phrase, then you lost a guess. You have a limited number of guesses, so try to complete the phrase without running out of guesses. If you fail to guess the phrase, don't worry, retrying is just one easy button away.

Don't know where to start guessing? There's a clue area which describes the meaning of the phrase to help you get started.

- Clean and beautiful user interface.
- Several different themes, from modern, minimalist, to classic, to suit your preferences.
- Phrase list screen, containing a list of the phrases that you have solved, along with their meanings. This is akin to a mini-dictionary of phrases which can be handy as a reference material.
- A favorite section, so you can mark your favorite proverbs and return to your favorite proverbs and idioms.
- No reason to get stuck in a puzzle because you can always retry the puzzle.
- Hundreds of phrases and proverbs to solve in a fun guessing-game format.
- Learn proverbs and idioms and their meanings while solving puzzles.
- Be intrigued by wise-words and proverbs from the past and present.

- Use the clue as it may give you some ideas of what words are in the phrase.
- If you don't know where to start guessing, one strategy is to start with common letters, such as 'A,' 'E,' or 'I' as they tend to appear in words more in English dictionary.
- You can often reveal enough letters to guess words even if you aren't familiar with the full phrase.
- Exercise your brain while improving your English vocabulary.
- Discover and rekindle various popular proverbs and idioms.

This app uses American-English (and in some cases Britain-English) vocabulary. The proverbs and phrases are all in English (with occasional Old English words). If you're not an English speaker or if you're learning English, the app might be a fun and educational activity to enhance your vocabulary and improve your knowledge of proverbs and idioms.

Marvel at the skillful and beautiful use of words of whoever invented these proverbs and idioms. Discover the meanings of various popular proverbs and idioms, so that you know what they mean the next time you hear or read them.

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