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Guess What Charade Challenge

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* 20+ hilarious categories

* 1000s of words

* Video recordings of players

* Adult section and much much more

From guessing movies, to imitating animals, singing and guessing different sports, this app has everything for a fun game night.

Choose from many categories and have fun all night.

- Play with one or more friends

- Keep videos of your funny games on your phone or share on Facebook

- You can choose from decks just for kids or more difficult ones with movie titles and historical persons.

So put your phones on your heads and it´s not allowed to look up at the word. Try go guess while your friends give you hints.

Features the following categories.

- What am I doing

- Animals

- Films

- Sports

- Music

- Celebrities

- Countries

- Food

- Things

- Sayings

- For kids

- The Eighties

- The Seventies

- The Nineties

- Football/Soccer Stars

- People in History

- Adults Only

- Famous Places

- Letter A

- Real Bad Words

- The Simpsons

With this charade game you will have lots of fun with your friends.

1. Hold your device up to your head and have your friends give you hints to the word on the screen.

2. Tilt your device down when you answer correct, tilt up when you have to pass.

3. Multiple decks of card to choose from.

4. The card decks are packed with fun and interesting words. Have a blast with your friends now.

5. How many words can you guess in 60 seconds?


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