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Gun Shooting War: Strike ops

发行商: 星明 黄
价格: 免费


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Gun Shooting War: Critical Strike is a very classic shooting game. It has been launched on the mobile platform and has added a lot of fun features. I hope you will enjoy playing it.

•••••• Game Features ••••••

◈ Various weapons:
Various weapon types, including pistols, assault rifles, sniper rifles! Grenade, sniper rifle, high-speed heavy machine gun M134, rockets and more. Hurry up to complete the task and earn coins to buy a weapon you love!

◈ Various maps:
The real building model simulates the real shooting environment. The classic anti-terrorist desert map and AWP sniper training map, as well as the real architectural unfinished building map and the small maze map are waiting for you to complete!

◈ Smooth shooting experience:
Simulate the real shooting experience, the mobile phone vibrates when shooting brings a strong sense of blow! Support custom adjustment of sliding sensitivity to adapt the phone to the most suitable shooting operation feel.

◈ Easier to obtain gold coins:
There are many ways to earn coins in the game. Make sure to unlock all weapons as soon as possible and experience the fun of shooting with different weapons. Even if there is no gold coin, we still provide the opportunity to try the weapon. After the experience is satisfied, we can buy it! Attention, our weapons are completely free, any purchase only consumes game currency! Everyone can be a hero without spending money.

◈ No need to network:
You can play the game at any time offline, and enjoy the fun of simulating real shooting at any time.

•••••• How to play? ••••••

◈ Game tasks:
Destroy all terrorists to win the game.

◈ Initial weapons:
Pistol-Desert Eagle and Assault Rifle-M16A1.

◈ How to get more weapons:
In the mission, you can get gold rewards for killing terrorist criminals. Gold coins can be purchased in the shop for weapons and bullet supplies. Hurry up to kill a large number of terrorists to get enough gold coins to upgrade more lethal weapons.

Right now, click to download and install Counter Attack Ops: Gun Wars. The package is very small, so you can join the battle immediately!

•••••• Follow-up plan for Counter Attack Ops: Gun Wars ••••••
◈ Update various zombie models
◈ Support custom button layout
◈ Add random events

The subsequent games will be more exciting, join us now!


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