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Gym Stack: Workout Planner

发行商: APPLIFY Limited
价格: 2.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone


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Gym Stack is the ultimate app for starting a new routine for Building Muscle Mass and Shedding Fat Fast!

Our goal is to provide you with all the tools you need to get an epic transformation, with in-depth workout programs that push you to your limits and custom-made meal plans.

How to get started with Gym Stack
1. Choose your goal (build muscle or get lean)
2. Enter your weight and height
3. Choose your workout and custom meal plan
4. Commit to the daily recommendation and smash your goal

Go to the gym with a purpose and maximise your true potential. Discover a whole new way of training with Super-Sets, Tri-Sets, Giant Sets and Drop Sets. Gym Stack will push you with the right intensity so you can gain the most out of each rep for faster results!

• 400+ Different Exercises
• 400+ Video Demonstrations with audio instructions
• 200+ Workout Programs for: (weight loss, get healthy or build strength)
• 45+ Meal plans all designed around your goals
• Track and measure Workout Progress
• Email Support Training and Nutrition Tips

• Multiple workouts to choose from
• Beginner, Intermediate & Expert routines
• Super Sets, Tri Sets, Giant Sets & Drop Sets
• Mixture of Eccentric & Concentric Exercises
• HIIT Workouts for fat loss
• Proper exercise form explained

• Multiple meal plans to choose from
• Plans for losing weight, building muscle and to get healthy
• Custom made plans according to your weight
• Carnivore, Vegetarian & Pescatarian options available
• Alternative recipes to choose from

Commit to living a fitter, healthier lifestyle and transform your body. Download the app now we want you to be our next success story! Get ready to stack on more muscle, develop more strength, burn more fat, and get an epic transformation with Gym Stack.

You speak, we listen! We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the app we will be happy to hear your thoughts or send us your transformation we love seeing results.



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