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Gymnastics Dance Make Up Salon

发行商: Kids Games Studios LLC
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***Includes +10 New Makeovers!!*** Come play the best gymnastics & dance makeover salon! Do make up, gymnastics activities, dancing, Cheer-leading, Ice Skating Makeovers and more!

Level 1 : Get ready at the sports spa! Clean-up, add face mask and more! Don't forget to drink a sports drink!

Level 2 : Dress up and do make up. Brush messy hair, change into the best outfit, apply lipstick, lip gloss and more!

Level 3 : Get ready for a gymnastics dance routine. Twirl rainbow ribbons, decorate and dress up!

Level 4 : Do the uneven bars. Listen to music, place the coach, add powder to bars, fix the broken bars and more!

Level 5 : Rainbow makeover room! Change into a new outfit, apply lipstick, do hair coloring, sparkles and much more!

Level 6 : Prepare and do the Vault! Mop the floor, fix the broken vault and more! Get a perfect landing!

Level 7 : Floor exercise room. Take a photo, drink water and dress-up in princess tiara.

Level 8 : Balance Beam time! Add shoes, listen to music box and get a trophy!

*Level 9 : Make Up Room - Choose from lipstick colors, eye-shadows, apply mascara, foundation and more! Create the perfect gymnastics make up fashion look!

*Level 10 : Congratulations! It's a gymnastics party! Go for the Gold, apply lipstick, eat yummy cake and more!

*Level 11 : Welcome to the Dance Studio! Let's start off at the rainbow spa!

*Level 12 : Dance Make Up. Apply face-paint styles, new colors and more!

*Level 13 : Dance Fashion Salon! Dress-up in Cheerleader, Ballerina & Ice Skater outfits. Choose your style!

*Level 14 : Ballerina stage. Have a fun performance with flowers and much more!

*Level 15 : Cheerleading practice! Prepare for the competition, play music, confetti and do cheerleader pyramid!

*Level 16 : Get a fashion makeover for dance class! Dress-up and put on make-up.

*Level 17 : Dance Class is here but first you need to fix the floor and decorate with the dance gear!

*Level 18 : Do the best gymnastics bridge! Add gym mat, play with bubble machine and more!

*Level 19 : Get ready for Ice Skating! Use the Ice Machine to fix the broken ice!

*Level 20 : Dance School Graduation! Have a fun party with your friends! You Win!

*Please note that levels 9-20 must be purchased separately.
*Please note that Gymnastics Dance Make Up Salon is free to play, but you are able to purchase game items and disable advertisements with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases.*

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