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发行商: Marko Kitanovic
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad



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All of you trendy girls gather around and take a look at this fantastic Hair Styler App that will change the way you photo edit forever! Enjoy a new level of fun with this cool face in hole app that will help you make incredible photo montages and change your hairstyle in a second. In this photo booth you will find an amazing array of different hairdos and dyes. The number of choices you have is so great that you won't be able to make up your mind! Just enter this beauty salon, find your perfect style and pick your favorite color immediately. Be one of those trend setters that will set social networks on fire with different and free hairstyles for girls every day! Download Hair Styler App for free and be a fantastic pics art pro!


* Professional photo editing software for virtual makeover!
* Easy-to-use hairstyle picture editor!
* Put your face in hole and choose the best style!
* Fully customizable, change the size, rotate, adjust to your face!
* Personal salon for the best picture montage!
* Have a new look or try on cute girls' hairstyles!
* Edit pictures from the gallery, or take a picture with your selfie camera!
* Save to your phone gallery!
* Share on the major social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!
* This amazing hair color changer is suitable for everybody!

If you are not satisfied with your hair cut at the moment, don't go to the hairdresser immediately! First, try on hairstyles and choose the one that suits you face shape the best. Take a photo or selfie or use a pic from the gallery and add your favorite hairstyle for girls from this fabulous collection. This is the best image editor that will find the perfect look and color that suits you best. Play with this awesome photo booth with your friends and help them find their new style. Enjoy adding fantastic virtual hairstyles on your pics, which will look so realistic that you will fool all your friends easily. Look fancy and trendy every day on your photos, pick your favorite design and go brag about your style! Download Hair Styler App and make a complete makeover for free!

The amazing thing about this hair style editor is that you can now in a second how a certain girls hairstyle looks on you. Doing hair can sometimes be a tricky business, but now with our hairstyle app for girls you can do it step by step without frustration. Photo editing tools for changing your haircut like this are a must-have for you if you want to look your best. But there is no hair cut picture app for women with your pic like Hair Styler App that offers high qualty photo frames where you can put your face in hole and see the breathtaking result. What's more, you can easily adjust the frame so that your new princess hairstyle look real on your head. There is no more time to waste - download hairstyle photo maker for free and enjoy!

This is one of the best women hair style apps you can find on the market, so hurry and be the first among your bffs that will make virtual hairstyles with your photo. Enter your new celebrity haircut salon and look like a star on a red carpet. Save your work of art in a separate photo album in your phone or tablet or share the masterpiece with your friends. Change your hair color in photo right now, look fantastic every day in your pictures. Try hairstyles with my face app is the best way to choose your hairdo before going to the hairdresser or a beauty hair salon. This photo montage maker will help you choose from a vast number of ideas and you will certainly find a perfect style for you. Make some changes in your life, start with your hair! Download Hair Styler App, the best photo manipulation tool and have the best photo fun in your life!


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