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Coloring Book: Color by Number allows you to choose from a wide range of coloring artworks and paint color by number with great pleasure! It’s an entertaining way to kill time, create and release your inner artist for free. All you need to do is painting color by the right numbers and you will achieve a beautiful sandbox coloring masterpiece, pixel art and coloring book without any skills, pencils or papers!

Key Features of Paint by Number:

1.Swift & Easy to Draw your own pictures:
Don‘t know how to draw sandbox coloring pics? Don’t worry, Coloring Book: Color by Number creates a new way to experience adult coloring with no specific skills, pencils or papers. All you need do is to choose a number and color, then tap the shade to follow the clues. Coloring paint by number.

2.New designed paintings Daily updated:
All the paintings in Coloring Book: Color by Number are carefully designed by our own designers. We will provide you with tons of paint color choices and update paintings every day. Explore daily new pictures: your own adult coloring books and pixel art!

3.Various Images in Different Categories:
Paint color with a variety of coloring pages in different categories: Special, Character, Nature, Animals… You can color by number with people and animals, flowers and landscapes, special unicorn and mandala, etc. Coloring Book: Color by Number will constantly update the categories and pictures!

4.Color by number Anytime & Anywhere:
Coloring books, pixel art or sandbox coloring pages with simple numbers and color paint will calm you down. You can paint by numbers Anytime & Anywhere.

5.Share and Post your Paintings On Social Networks:
You can easily download your finished paintings, share with your friends, and post your coloring book on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and so on). Recommend the app to others and play together!

Other Features of Coloring Book: Color by Number:
- Review your process by watching a short video after completing the color by number!
- Download your color paint by numbers pic to set it as wallpaper!
- More kind of paint by numbers pics such as pixel art, sandbox coloring…
- Explore the achievements system and get a bonus for more hints and special coloring books!

Coloring Book: Color by Number is a secret weapon of killing your time. Adult coloring book: coloring games and puzzles offline will help you finish an artwork without any limitations. And it’s also an attractive coloring book for younger: painting by numbers will improve their patience, concentration and color discrimination ability. You will find so many free paints by number pictures in this app which suit for both younger and adult coloring!

More functions and pictures to be continued! Enjoy painting and adult coloring by number now!!

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