Happy Rajah

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HAPPY RAJAH RESTAURANTS specialize in the cuisine of the Moghul emperors whose chefs reached creative heights centuries ago with their masterfully roasted Tandooris, and delicate curries. Expect also exciting regional fare such as Goanese sea food delicacies and Chennai spicy vindaloos from the South. The restaurant's’ full carte features over sixty dishes from starters to desserts. Connoisseurs will recognize all the classics and a delightful voyage of discovery awaits newcomers.

In the HAPPY RAJAH app, you will find a number of features designed specifically to make your time at our restaurants more pleasant. They include:

A full-fledge menu that you can browse at your leisure, giving yourself ample time to peruse the wonderful dishes on offer.
A QR code that you can present to the restaurant’s cashier for a discount!
A news feed to inform users of any unforeseen changes or new additions.
A map with the restaurants’ locations, for your convenience.
Call a HAPPY RAJAH branch or chat with us via Messenger directly, all done through the app!

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