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Ethereum Wallet - HB Wallet

发行商: bacoor Inc.
价格: 免费


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Experience the new HB Wallet in a non-custodial & secure way.
HB Wallet lets anyone explore the Ethereum space with the highest protection that an Ethereum Wallet can offer. Along with excellent security, the app offers an exceptional UX that differentiates itself from the crowd.

Simple Management
Most crypto assets from imported wallets will be detected and displayed properly, which saves you from adding custom tokens every time a new token is acquired.
You can simply approach an asset by scrolling through the token card list, or just by searching from the search bar.

Anonymous and Secure
You’re the owner of your Private Key and Passphrase.
KYC and custodial Private Key are not parts of HB Wallet in anyways. This keeps you stay anonymously while touring from DeFi to any Blockchain utilizations on Ethereum.
Fingerprint and PIN locks are also accessible from the menu that avoid any attempts to penetrate your valuable accounts.

Obtain BTC, ETH, XRP and others easily in seconds
HB Wallet offers a friendly environment for anyone to obtain Blockchain Assets easily at the best rate.

DeFi within your reach
With HB Wallet, you can try out most Ethereum DeFi platforms and manage your funds in real time. The app generates a fast and stable connection with the highest latency between the two ends, which bring out the greatest efficiency in every session.

NFT in the front row
As a major part of the Blockchain industry, NFT now comes with huge potentiality, and now supported by HB Wallet.

Built-in Chat feature
HB Wallet is the first ETH wallet that offers this astonishing feature. You can simultaneously chat and incentive others users with amazing gifts as ETH, ERC20, or NFT.

Seamless and Smooth
HB Wallet has been developed since July 2017 by Bacoor Inc with constant improvement through time. This ensures the highest quality in UX/UI that comes with highest protections and great features.

24/7 Helpdesk | Ethereum Wallet - HB Wallet
HB Wallet offers 24/7 support with a ticketing and FAQ system. You can reach out whenever an issue happens. The support team will get back to you within 24h.

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