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Developed by the SingHealth Group, Health Buddy gives you access to health information and services, anytime, anywhere. Through this app, SingHealth hopes to encourage active involvement in one’s own health and well-being.
* Mobile Appointments
Manage all your or appointments.
Clinic Queue Updates
Get your queue number and monitor queue status from your phone.
* Mobile Pay
Leave the clinic after seeing the doctor and receive SMS to pay at the end of the day.
* Medicine Top-Up
Arrange to pick up your medicine or request for a repeat prescription.
* Conditions & Treatments
Access over 800 conditions and treatments written by our SingHealth doctors.
* SingHealth Doctors
Access over 1,000 internationally qualified SingHealth doctors for your treatment needs.
* Hospitals & Specialty Centres
Find contact information, directions, visit guides and more!
* Health Tips by
Stay healthy with useful and trusted health tips from our doctors.
* Health Videos
Browse library of videos as seen in our clinic waiting areas.
* Find a GP 
Find contact information and opening hours of GP / Family Doctors in Singapore.
* Caregiver [NEW!]
Get authorised to conveniently help manage your loved ones’ medical matters.
* Personal Profile
View and update your contact information.
* My Visit [NEW!]
Beta trial for selected SGH DMC patients. Read consultation summary, answer health questionnaires on-the-go.
* Pre- and Post-Consultation Health Questionnaires
1. Complete clinic health questionnaires before your visit or after your consultation, from the comfort of your home!
* Medicine Information and Reminders
View medicine information and set reminders to take your medicine.
(To Be Confirmed)

* SingHealth appointments require SingPass authentication for secure login.

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