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发行商: Hold Me Tight Workshop, LLC
价格: 1.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone


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The HEART Cards App makes it easy and positive for you to text, email and save HEART Cards for your loved ones. You can even share them via social media!

Do you ever have difficulty expressing your thoughts and feelings in your relationships? When you want to find the words to express your emotions, worries, fears, needs, longings and desires to your loved ones, now you can use the HEART Cards App.

In moments of tension, conflict or disconnection, we often get into negative patterns.

What do you think and feel in those moments? What are you worried about or afraid of? What do you need to feel more positive, safe, loved, accepted and secure? What do you really want to express? What do your loved ones need from you?

In securely attached relationships, we give each other Heartfelt Connection, Emotional Engagement, Accessibility, Responsiveness & Touch (HEART)

In romantic relationships, we often hear that emotional intimacy is the doorway to physical intimacy. For many people, affection, touch, physical intimacy and sex are also the doorways to emotional intimacy and closeness. HEART Cards recognize the importance of both emotional and physical intimacy.

We hope the HEART Cards App will help you increase your feelings of closeness, connection and happiness. Thank you for sharing.

The HEART Cards are Created and Copyrighted by San Francisco Psychologists and Workshop Leaders, Sam Jinich, PhD & Michelle Gannon, PhD.

Available in English, Spanish and Dutch.


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