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Heat Exchanger Performance

发行商: Kaup Shenoy Associates
价格: 4.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone


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HeatX (Heat Exchanger) App is developed mainly to evaluate performance in a shell and tube heat exchanger in terms of its over all heat transfer U-coefficient. It also helps in determining different maintenance requirement based on change in its performance characteristics due to degradation. To facilitate continuous monitoring now multiple heat exchanger data can be saved in a file with unique title and can be reloaded as and when required.

Manufacturers generally provide design specification data such as heat transfer Area, U-coefficient, effectiveness for a given capacity performance. However, these values tend to vary over a period of time and often it is necessary to evaluate and compare design specification data with actual performance. This app serves as a tool for different maintenance personnel, energy and application engineers in monitoring performance and energy efficiency in a shell and tube heat exchanger.

Fluid Properties:
Users can quickly select different fluids for both shell side and tube side application from a list of most common fluids used in industrial applications. The key property data such as density and heat capacity is evaluated based on given temperature and pressure for the given fluid. For fluids that are not in the list, users can create a custom fluid with known property data. Data can be edited in both SI and USCS unit standards.

Heat Exchanger Data:
One can choose heat exchanger depending upon type of application as well as flows. Both inside and out side tube heat transfer area can be computed using the tube dimensional data for verification purpose as shown in the following screen shot.

Performance Summary
The over all heat transfer coefficient is computed and presented in the main screen. The additional result gives different key performance characteristics of a heat exchanger. App notes has all the definition and brief descriptions of different key parameters presented in the summary.


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