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Hellenic Bank

发行商: Hellenic Bank Public Company LTD
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Using Mobile Banking you can access and manage your accounts quickly and securely. There’s more you can do:

• Login using bio-metric authentication (face and fingerprint)
• Transfer money between your accounts or to any Hellenic Bank customer, instantly
• Pay pre-approved payees – so if you set up your friends and any other people you often pay, you can send them money just by clicking on their icon
• Authorise transactions via SMS
• Set up a time deposits easily using the floating action button, making it easy to get into the saving habit
• View your debit or credit card pin
• Receive push notifications for account and card balances, incoming and outgoing payments to help you keep on top of your money
• See detailed charges of each transaction before you submit it, so you always know exactly how much you’re going to pay
• Get turn-by-turn directions to branches, business centers and ATMs – so you always know where to find us
• See the latest exchange rates so you know when’s a good time to move money
• Send money to another bank in Cyprus or overseas
• Pay your credit card and/or top up your "P" Card
• Pay for utility bills such as CYTA, EPIC, EAC, CableNet and PrimeTel
• Schedule and manage recurring payments
• Set up account and card alerts to track your payments, withdrawals and balances
• View transactions to check which payments have come in and gone out
• Locate your nearest Hellenic Bank ATM, JCC ATM or Hellenic Bank branch in Cyprus
• Create a fixed term deposit account instantly
• Report a lost or stolen card
• Log in faster by enabling the "Remember me" function
• Personalise your dashboard to show you what you want to see, where you want to see it
• Make informed financial decisions about what you can afford, based on your credit card limit and amount left to pay off your loans
• Talk to us by message
• Receive alerts about money coming in and going out, using limits you set
• Rate the app, and tell us what you think of it

We request some permissions when installing:
• Location – ATM locator
• Manage Calls-Push Notifications

To access the full suite of features in the mobile app, you'll need to have registered for Web Banking and login with your credentials.
There are a few things you’ll need to do from a branch or via Web Banking. These include setting up approved payees, setting up SMS OTP and opening accounts other than the Time Deposit.

Need Help?
Always keep your app up to date to access the full range of features and the latest enhancements, including stability improvements.

Forgot your password? Click on “Forgot your password” at the login screen.

Things you should know:
The Hellenic Bank app is compatible with iOS 10.x and above. Subject to network provider coverage. Merchant offers are subject to location availability. Other conditions and fees apply.


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