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Hello Yo – Group Chat Rooms

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HELLO YO is the most popular live group voice talking and entertainment APP which you can create your free voice chat rooms and join others’ rooms.
Meet new people, chat, sing with others, find game friends and send gifts to people nearby or around the world.

If you are a game maniacs, say hello yo, people here will be in your premade team.
If you are a music fan, say hello yo, people here will sing with you.
Say Hello Yo! We are nearby.
Say Hello Yo! We come from everywhere.
Say Hello Yo! Only love the voice of strangers.
Say Hello Yo! Let's party together.
Say Hello Yo! Connect with people around the world,chat and have fun together!

---------MAIN FEATURES---------

Free Voice Chat Rooms
# Totally free for the live voice chat rooms over 3G, 4G, LTE or Wi-Fi. Enjoy high-quality voice talk anytime and anywhere.

Multiple Topies Group Chat Rooms
# You can choose and join your favorite group voice chat room from THOUSANDS of live rooms daily. There’s always something you like.
Also, Drop-in audio chat you are most interested in, which make a much more meaningful connection.

1V1 Private Chat
# One-on-one text, call, voice and video conversation make each other closer. Also, perfect sound, perfect visual for heart to heart.

Share Moments
# Post every moment of your life in Hello Yo Square, and you can find the one who share you the same interests.

Various Ways for Fun
# Karaoke, Battle(PK) games, Truth or Dare game, birthday parties, anniversary parties, dating fun in live chat room for making friends and sharing session, one single room can have so many ways to getting kinds of pleasures.

People Nearby
#Match with or Swipe to find the interesting people around you to make much more new friends!

Funny Emoji and Cool Gifts
# Sending magical, funny emoji and cool gifts to express your appreciation and supports.

Look for Games teamates while chatting
# Hello Yo provide a platform for game maniacs to find for their game premade teammates, also, a perfect and high-quality audio communication while playing games.

Share and Follow
# Share your favourite rooms and moments on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, line, Messenger etc... inviting friends and new followers to have fun and party together!

---------SAY HELLO YO---------
Official Website:
Facebook: @Helloyoen

Your feedback helps us improve Hello Yo and our services. Thank you! Any questions? Please contact us at


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