Hematology Outlines Atlas

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*** 2nd Edition of the Top rated Hematology Atlas and Glossary ***

Hooman H. Rashidi MD and John C. Nguyen MD

The anticipated 2nd edition of our iPhone and iPad Hematology Atlas and Glossary is now available and continue to be FREE of charge. They provide an extensive content in the subject of hematology and are optimized for iPhone and iPad users. The Atlas reviews the morphologic cellular aspects of Hematology while the Glossary reviews most of the important terms and concepts in the field of Hematology. We hope you enjoy this new resource.

HematologyOutlines is a comprehensive full-featured medical education application available for both iPad and iPhone.The Hematology Atlas allows multiple interactive options (e.g. rapid side-by-side comparisons of the individual entities, etc.), encompasses the normal and abnormal hematologic entities and displays them all through a very user-friendly environment. It depicts the individual cell types (e.g. RBCs and precursors, granulocytes and precursors, lymphocytes and precursors, etc.) in a visually stimulating style and allows the user to review the morphology, clinical relevance and look-a-likes in a very efficient manner. Multiple 3D diagrams and charts are also incorporated to enhance the user experience.

For added educational tools (e.g. virtual slide self-assessment, etc.) and app tutorial, please feel free to visit our companion website at www.HematologyOutlines.com

The Hematology Glossary is an overview of the most commonly used terms and concepts in Hematology. It also allows the user to compare multiple topics (similar to the Atlas) and with its easy to navigate search tool, individual entities are quickly found. For added educational tools (e.g. flash cards, etc.), please feel free to visit the online Glossary at www.HematologyOutlines.com. The software is intended as an educational tool only and designed for health care professionals in-training such as medical students, residents, Clinical Laboratory Scientists (CLS), Medical Laboratory technologists (MLTs), fellows and anyone with an interest in Hematology. It's also a great tool that could compliment your USMLE preparation.

Additionally it may also be used by physicians as a visual aid tool for their patients (e.g. to show the patient what their hematopoietic diseased cells may look like). However, use of this material for clinical diagnosis and/or patient management is prohibited. This is an educational resource only.

Highlighted Features:
* Interactive comparison tool (enables comparison of multiple subjects): Present in both Atlas & Glossary
* Quick search tool: Present in both Atlas and Glossary
* 3D cartoon images of entities: Present in the Atlas under the individual entities
* High Yield Diagrams and Tables for hematopoiesis and RBC abnormalities (e.g. RBC infections, abnormal RBC morphologies, RBC inclusions, etc.)
* Interactive hyperlinked "May Resemble" feature within each Atlas entity broadens the user experience and enhances the learning process

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