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HepCalc is a collection of liver related calculators, web links, resources, and editable web links and clinical notes.

◆ Unlike most calculators, entry data is preserved between different calculators limiting the need for reentry of data.
◆ Set your own favorite web links
◆ Save clinical notes, clinical "pearls" in a organized fashion
◆ Integrated U.S. - SI units conversion
◆ Each calculator has a related web reference

A must have for the clinician/house officer dealing with liver disease. The customizable WebLinks and Clinical Notes sections alone are valuable tools for anyone.

Child-Pugh Score
-survival data
-TIPS recommendations
MELD Sodium (UNOS) - Now uses OPTN formula (Jan 2016 policy)
PELD Score (unlike most other calculators, HepCalc automatically calculates growth failure without need for other tables based on sex, age, weight and height (OPTN chart)

Alcoholic Hepatitis Calculators:
-Combined: Lille Model +(MELD, Maddrey DF, ABIC)
- Glasgow
- Lille Model
- Lille Model Projection (using day 0 of Rx, calculates decision making for bilirubin values on day 7)
- Maddrey Discriminant Function
- MELD alcoholic hepatitis score ( Includes survival percentage)

Autoimmune Liver Disease Calculators:
-Autoimmune hepatitis Score(1999 International AIH Group Report)
-Autominnune hepatitis Simplified Score
-AIH/PBC overlap (Paris Criteria)
-PBC Survival
-PSC Survival

Fibrosis Calculators:
- APRI Fibrosis Score
- FIB4 Fibrosis Score
- FORNS Fibrosis Score
- HALT-C Cirrhosis Score
- NAFLD Fibrosis Score

Risk Assessment Calculators:
Liver Decompensation
- Acute decompensation without ACLF: CLIF-C AD score and mortality
- Acute on Chronic Liver Failure AARC score and mortality
- Acute on Chronic Liver Failure CLIF-C ACLF score and mortality
- Acute on Chronic Liver Failure NACSELD 30 day mortality
- BE3A Score: Hep C DAA assessment for decompensated cirrhosis
- Decompensation Risk - Hep C
HCC Risk Hep B
- HCC Risk Hep B: CHUK
- HCC Risk Hep B: REACH B
- HCC Risk Hep B on Rx (entecavir, tenofovir): PAGE B
HCC Risk Hep C
- HCC Risk Hep C : HALT-C
Other Risks
-BEA Score: Baseline event anticipation for Hepatitis Deta
-Cardiovascular Risk (CAD-LT): CV risk in LT candidates
- CAR-OLT: 1 yr risk of cardiovascular event post OLT
-Dili Mortality Risk: 6 mos mortality risk and comorbidity burden
- Fungal Infection Risk - NACSELD
- RUCAM for DILI assessment
- Surgical Risk Cirrhosis: post op mortality major surgery
-Surgical Risk Cirrhosis: VOCAL-Penn Score

Other Calculators:
-ANI (differentiate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis)
-Ascites, refractory
-estimate ascites to be gained based on serum sodium and time passed
-estimate sodium intake based on serum sodium and ascites gained
-Body Mass Index
- Portopulmonary Hypertension Calculator:
- Pulmonary Vascular Resistance Calculator
-diagnostic and UNOS transplant Criteria

-HCV treatment tracker (calculates dates for end of Rx and SVR)
-Mean arterial pressure
-Wilson's Disease: EASL scoring system
- Hepatology Societies
- Hepatology Organizations
- Other Resources (i.e. Drug Hepatoxicity, Hepatitis Rx drug interactions, etc)
- Custom WebLinks (make your own links for reference, frequently used, etc.)

Clinical Notes:
- Create a title and store clinical information, pearls, or any other text for quick ready reference in one place
- Can cut and paste from other text for ease of entry of your clinical data


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