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Hero Rescue - Pull the Pin

发行商: Tapzap Ltd
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Kill the Orcs, Rescue Princess, Save Your kingdom and Pull the Pin. You must do it all to claim the glory.

Kingdom quest rescue hero is an arcade simulator puzzle about the knight who saves beautiful princesses, defeats evil orсs and finds treasures.
Do you like adventures? Of course, they are great.
Help the hero rescue the princess and win the treasure.
Pull the sticks to make a safe path to the princess. You will become a rich hero in this latest rescue game.
Thousands of levels awaits to be updated weekly, and all this is for absolutely free.

If you are currently in search for a moderately challenging, yet thrilling puzzle adventure you can play even with the littlest free time in your hands, then be sure to give Hero Rescue pull the pin a try!
The hero rescue gameplay will make you hooked on this game!
Kingdom Quest Hero Rescue is a simple dungeon puzzle game where each level is physically divided into portions with pins that you can pull with a swipe of its tips.
The goal typically involves killing enemies, obtaining treasure, and saving the princess.

As simple as that may sound, the puzzles employ a variety of objects and obstacles you need to be familiar with to understand how to go about solving each level.
Well, this game does exactly that – and does it in style, with tons of great puzzles and game modes.

FEATURE in Game:
- The music, sounds, visuals and graphics are outstanding
- Play thousands of decadently fun levels!
- Train your brain. Try many ways to play because these are logical puzzles.
- Team up with friends and other players – an easy way to help the hero.
- Simple and easy UI/UX
- Stunning graphic elements and game effects
- Solve logic puzzles by aiming skills
- Hundreds of new challenging logic puzzle levels
- Engaging and interactive sound effects
- One finger control.
- Great puzzle game to pass time & it makes you think!

Whatever your experience is playing the Kingdom Quest Hero Rescue game, you will have a great experience when you find out the tips, tricks, and strategy to finish these games.
The game consists of many levels, and the app will guide you through the level by level with ease.

Many missions are waiting for you. Help the man find his love. Hundreds of fascinating pull the pin puzzles not to be missed.
Do you think you are smart enough to overcome all obstacles? Let's get started!

You can play and train your brain with the game everyday; compete your IQ with your friends and family through beautiful and clever physic puzzle.
I promise you this is the most innovative rescue game available today. If you've been looking for a pull the sticks puzzle game for a long time, it's time to explore it.
Help the hero rescue the princess now.


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Great puzzle game

This version I find to be the best because it doesn’t overwhelm you with ads.


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