Heyduda! 母牛做 哞

发行商: zeec GmbH
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All children love animals and enjoy great sounds. With this app, playful learning, laughter and fun comes first. If you point your finger at an animal or vehicle, this is indicated directly and the corresponding animal sound is played. Simple illustrations and animations make even more fun. Suitable for toddlers or even babies.

With the affectionately drawn and simply animated children's app "The cow says moo", small children can easily learn new animals and the associated animal sounds. Not only boys have a lot of fun discovering new great cars that are honking or buzzing and giving funny tones.
For preschool or school children, it is exciting and instructive to learn the spelling of words in a playful way - in up to 12 new languages!
▪ Ideal for small children
▪ Simple gameplay
▪ Clear, loving design
▪ Fun, simple animations
▪ Great sound
▪ Preschool or school children learn the spelling of words (12 languages)
▪ Discover
▪ Fine motor skills
▪ Fun
The game helps your child develop fine motor skills and to learn and recognize the appropriate sounds. Playfully the kids explore this new fun toy and get to know our cute animals and the appropriate animal sounds or vehicles and toys and their sounds.
Even very small babies have fun with the beautiful animal images and the funny tones. With simple questions "What do you think, how does the lion do?"Parents can easily bring their children to the game and playfully involve themselves. The first success stories and a lot of fun begin with the little ones.
Preschool or school children learn the spelling of the words. And now even in 12 new languages! So our app is also ideal to expand foreign language skills!
Help us improve our games! Do you want more sets or improvements? Then just send us an e-mail at http://heyduda.de/contact/ with your wishes or criticism. We will try to implement them.
Animals Set 1:
Our free starter set with 12 great animals: 
Frog, horse, owl, elephant, dog, mouse, donkey, cat, monkey, lion, cow and pig.
Many more animals, vehicles and toys available as in-app!
Heyduda is a small app studio based in Cologne, Germany. We developed our first app after the birth of our daughter. In the meantime, not only some other apps but also new small people have joined. Our goal is to make simply great apps for children. We do our best to offer our apps flawlessly. If there are problems, or you have suggestions for improvement and feature requests, please contact us directly at: http://heyduda.de/contact/ - only so we are able to help you!
Please take your time and support us with a positive rating in the appstore.
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You like Heyduda?
▪ Then support us with 5 stars in the appstore.
▪ Read more about Heyduda and our apps at: www.heyduda.de
▪ Become a fan on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/heyduda
▪ If you have technical problems or suggestions for improvement with this app, please contact us directly at: http://heyduda.de/contact/

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