Hidden Objects 3D Diorama

发行商: eitezaz ahmad
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价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Welcome to the new era of hidden objects games! 3D view, 360 degree rotation.
The next-generation 3D puzzle game!
What story will you be able to get from diorama puzzles?

Complete the puzzle !
Time to relax!

Hidden objects game like you have never played before!
Tons of journey maps and locations, awesome graphics and hidden object art, fun minigames, bonuses.
Use your investigative skills to open new areas and objects on your quest.
Enjoy the simple and intuitive interface. Boost your concentration and have fun!
Easy controls helps you find hidden figures fast, and helpful boosters are always just a tap away!
The best i spy game around!

Find hidden objects and solve the puzzle! If you have excellent detection skills, you will love it!
Enjoy Hidden Objects 3D Diorama original puzzles

Every puzzle looks easy but it's hard to find all the objects, share it with your friends and play together! More objects you find, more stars you will win. Come to start now! Find them out!

Download now and enjoy it!

Features in Hidden Objects Diorama:
Highly detailed 3D diorama worlds
Different Diorama Environments like floating island, stack pillars, huge buildings, floating forest, volcano eruption island, floating ice lands, flooded lands and many more.
All the levels are unique and intersting.
360 degree rotation.
Zoom the diorama in 3D view
Interesting puzzles
Logical tasks
Lots of puzzles, category includes: campus, family, animals, city.
Find all hidden objects and win trophy.
- Use tips if you need help.
- Relax your mind and enjoy the game.
- Update new puzzles weekly.

floating island the floating floating


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