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河马工程巡逻. Premium

发行商: Oculist
价格: 2.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Every day child sees a huge variety of various mechanisms and machines. Adults do not even think about how all this work. But curious child just wants to know it! Our little researchers are ready to take to pieces any device, just to satisfy their curiosity and to understand how something works. That is why any interesting tinker toys is so necessary for children, where you make up details into one large working mechanism.

And our wonderful new game, focused on child development, presents more than one tinker toys, but a variety of such games! In Hippo Engineering Patrol you can not only make up the details of different mechanisms, but also get deep into exciting adventures. After all, the child's development should take place in the form of games and capture the attention of our young researchers.

Thus, Hippo Engineering Patrol is ready to go to the place where accident or breakdown happened. Caution! What have happened this time? Again the city fountain has been broken? Perhaps hard accident in the city? Or attractions are out of service in the park? It doesn`t matter! Hippo Engineering Patrol is ready to repair any breakdown. Now Hippo must only to put on her super engineering suit and go to meet new adventure. But first of all, we need to overcome the dangerous path to the place where breakdown happened.

We will roller-skate on city roads. Then he go underground in the mysterious technical tunnels and even try water skiing on a large urban sewage. And during the path we need to collect the elements so that to repair the broken mechanism. For example, to fix the fountain, we need to collect pieces of pipe, then to put them all them together, like a tinker toy, making an amazing labyrinth of pipes. If car accident happens, you need to find car details, and make up beautiful sticker-puzzles. Our stinker toys, where you need to make up different details, is unique! And this make the development of child faster! The development of child is the aim of all our products, the most massive of which are educational games for children from 2 to 6 years. And in addition beautiful pictures and funny characters give the children a lot of positive emotions and joy.

Hippo Engineering Patrol give you the incredible variety of games! Stay with us, stay tuned and give the joy to your children, playing with them in our educational games.


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