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Holein - no wifi games 2021

发行商: Ruslan Nos
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Holein - cool new games offline. Absorb the largest number of objects, devour your enemies, upgrade a hole in different locations, collect points, accumulate coins! Show the whole world who is the biggest and coolest black hole on the planet io.

Enjoy Holein by absorbing a variety of locations:
- Farm - a small village with fields and farms. Interesting illustrations - a farmer running away from a bull. Complete various tasks and earn coins to pump the hole.
- City - consists of a park, office buildings, and a suburban village. There is a beach along one part of the city. Unusual illustrations - a burning house, an accident on the street. Complete tasks to unlock new locations and skins.
- Military location - the military unit is located in the desert in an abandoned city. A helicopter flies around the location, exploring the territory. The soldiers are preparing a plan of attack.
- House - this house seems to have had a good party. Things are scattered throughout the house, collect them and put things in order in the house.
- Megapolis is a big city with unusual skyscrapers, museums, a church. The city is located in the mountains.
- The forest is a wonderful place to relax - there is a small pond with ducks. It's already autumn, so there are a lot of mushrooms and yellow trees in the forest. And what kind of animals - hares, wild boars, bears, deer. Interesting illustrations - a tourist is riding a wild boar, a tourist is hiding in a tree from a bear.
- Candy town is an unusual city with little magical houses, cute cats and even its own railway.
- The park is a blue ocean with white yachts, beautiful yellow sand with shells, houses are located right on the water, palm trees, an amusement park. Relax with Holein completing tasks.
- The city of dreams is a wonderful place with a beautiful park
- Western is a combination of desert, forest and hills. Wow, cowboys are robbing a freight train)

While playing Holein:
Discover a large number of spectacular skins with unique hole enhancements. The hole with the skin is much stronger.

Boosters and upgrades will help you become a better player even faster:
- Feel the power of acceleration or the force of attraction of a magnet on yourself, become invulnerable or get more coins. All of this makes you invincible and helps you absorb more objects. By playing any games without the Internet, it makes it possible to play wherever and whenever you want, without losing results!

Win, get coins, buy skins for them, then open worlds and become invincible with boosters and power-ups.

Experience the new unique HOLEIN game modes:
- classic mode - eat as many objects as possible to defeat your rivals
- fight to the death - devour as many enemies as possible to defeat io games online!
- solo mode - absorb as many objects as possible in a time without enemies!
- battle royale - fight for survival, destroy all your enemies and remain the last hero
- elimination mode - io survival games - every 30 seconds the player with the lowest result is eliminated. Your mission is to stay the last players
- timeless mode - a hole without time and enemies allows you to earn more coins.
- autoplay - use the booster to enjoy the game while watching the skin that collects everything by itself.

Set new records, improve your results, become the one of the best Holein player and share your results with your friends.

We are glad to hear new ideas, suggestions and improvements from our players.


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