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Hongkong Post

发行商: Hongkong Post, Hong Kong SAR Government
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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The new version of Hongkong Post Mobile App adopts an easy-to-use interface with upgraded popular functions, bringing enhanced experience to our customers.

A Brief on the Major Functions
1. Home Page
- The new interface of our home page tidies the arrangement of all popular functions, displays the latest notices and enables quick searches for information on postal services and mail delivery status, keeping you abreast of what is happening.
2. Mail Tracking
- Trace your mail items by simply entering the mail item number or scanning the QR Code shown on the receipt of posting. You can also share the latest delivery status of a mail item via SMS, email or other mobile messaging apps.
3. Postage Calculation
- Calculate postages and show related information for the posting of mail items according to destinations and different service requirements, and offer comparisons on different options in order of postages, delivery time or your personal preference, enabling you to go for the option that suits you best.
4. In Search of Postal Facilities
- Locate the nearest post offices, iPostal stations, street posting boxes and mobile post offices on the map through the built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) of your mobile device and provide details, such as addresses, opening hours and postal services available.
5. Major Postal Services
- Give you a brief account of the major postal services of Hongkong Post so that you can better understand the services we provide.
6. Change of Mail Collection Office
- Simply enter the information on the notification card and you’ll be able to request for a change of mail collection office.
7. "Correct Addressing" Tool
- Find and check the correct presentation of Hong Kong local addresses and save them in the mobile app for future use.
8. Easy Pre-Customs
- Provide information electronically for customs clearance before posting your mail items, enabling customs authorities of destinations with postal e-Customs clearance implemented to receive the declared information before the arrival of the mail items and arrange pre-arrival clearance accordingly so as to enhance the efficiency and speed up the process of delivery.
9. Pick-up Service (SpeedPost/Local CourierPost)
- Besides posting at acceptance offices, SpeedPost and Local CourierPost customers can also post their mail items by using pick-up service.
10. Mail Redelivery Service
- Follow the steps to enter the item number shown on the notification card and your contact information to apply for mail redelivery service. This service is only available to EMS items and parcels (local and inward), whereas inward insured parcels or items subject to any fees or surcharges are excluded.
11. Mail Collection Number
- Save the Mail Collection Number (MCN) in our mobile app and retrieve it with a QR Code anytime anywhere to facilitate collection of mail items at the selected iPostal Station or post office.
12. e-Cheque Payment
- Use e-Cheque (Payable to Postmaster General) to settle Hongkong Post bills (except rental of newly rented PO Boxes).
13. Notices and Press Releases
- View the latest notices and press releases of Hongkong Post at anytime convenient to you.
14. Latest Promotions
- Keep you updated on the latest promotion offers of Hongkong Post.
15. Frequently Asked Questions and Supports
- Give you an idea of the questions and answers about postal services most frequently asked.

* Internet connection is required for this mobile app to access the latest postal information.


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