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Honkai Impact 3

发行商: miHoYo Limited
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S-rank Battlesuit | Miss Pink Elf
"Miss Pink Elf? Well... I can't stop you... so I'll accept it as my new nickname~" S-rank battlesuit Miss Pink Elf debuts!
She is a PSY Physical archer whose Ultimate fires mystical arrows that create a Flawless Dome. Use Charged ATK repeatedly within the dome for super effects!

New Story | Immortal Blades
Schicksal, an ancient organization full of secrets. The creative minds behind the Immortal Blades are planning an earth-shaking event!
Chapter XXV-EX coming soon! Experience the new story in the open access event!

Major Activity | Elysian Realm Updated
Added the unlockable battlesuits Miss Pink Elf, Bright Knight: Excelsis, Striker Fulminata, Luna Kindred and listed Miss Pink Elf Rank-up Stamps in the shop!

Event Rerun | Sanka Saga
The castellan who ruled with an iron first, the seductive queen of the underworld... They gathered in this land to keep an ancient secret for their own interests, but who will have the last laugh?
Progress in the event rerun will be accelerated. Play the event to earn outfit Hanafuda Oyabun for Umbral Rose or battlesuit Darkbolt Jonin, as well as Crystals and Ancient Legacy!

Equipment Updates
Unleash unprecedented power! Bow Whisper of the Past, PRI bow Whisper of the Past: Sonnet, lance Abyss, PRI lance Abyss Flower: Liminal Spiral have entered the arsenal!
Her heart runs free! Pristine Elf set Elysia has entered the arsenal!

More Outfits
Magic Girl Seele for Starchasm Nyx and White ARC for Haxxor Bunny released!

Pristine Realm: Relive the sealed memories with Ellie!


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