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HOOP i for Basketball Scores

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* Score App - HOOP i * Basketball

-- details --

We recommend this application to;

● who want to share scores with friends
● who want to encourage players by showing scores


■ You can check success rates of shots
■ You can check the number of assists and rebounds
■ You can check "play by play" anytime
■ You can save scores
■ You can share them with your friends

We came up with various ideas;

1. Basketball is a speedy sport, so you don't have mach time to keep scores. We revised our application many times and finally we made it very easy to tap. You can use it easily, so you'll enjoy games.
2. We provide you with "HOOPi web service" by using a private server so that you can share scores with someone. Whoever want to check scores and stats can do so from anywhere through Internet.

Customer's review

○ I purchased this application for my kid's game.
○ Please add a 4-point button for senior games.
○ It's easier to use this application than to write down .
○ please add a function that records the number of turnovers and steals.
○ I want to check the results of the games of all seasons.

Thank you for using this application!!

Message for possible purchasers

Since we developed HOOPi, the number of users has been increasing and we got some compliments.
If you want to keep scores, please try to use HOOPi.


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