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Hora: Horoscopes, Astrology

发行商: Hora Labs OU
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone


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Hora App is a powerful astrology and horoscope app that helps to live a better life with the daily readings from real astrologers with over 10+ years of experience.

KEY FEATURES of the Hora App:

- Сhats with real astrologers
- Meditations based on your sun sign
- Natal chart reading based on your birthday
- Daily horoscope
⁃ Love horoscope
⁃ Health horoscope
⁃ Career horoscope
- Dream analysis
⁃ Biorhythms
⁃ Lucky number
- Lucky person

• Capricorn horoscope
• Aquarius horoscope
• Pisces horoscope
• Aries horoscope
• Taurus horoscope
• Gemini horoscope
• Cancer horoscope
• Leo horoscope
• Virgo horoscope
• Libra horoscope
• Scorpio horoscope
• Sagittarius horoscope


What do customers say about the Hora App?

“I’m surprised how accurate this app is. Everything I read here happens during the day.” - Eveline

“Now I plan my day better. I can decide what I should focus on and what to avoid.” - Richard

We provide horoscopes for all zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.


The app contains monthly, semi-annual and yearly subscriptions. You can buy additional questions too.

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:

If you have any questions, send us a mail to

All horoscopes, predictions, and chats are for entertainment purposes only.
Hora App is not licensed to provide medical or legal advice.


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