Horseshoe Pitch-A-Rama

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Horseshoes, a pastime enjoyed for generations by nobility and commoner alike, is fun for all. This is the real game of horseshoes. No flashing lights or special effects. Just a regulation game, played on a regulation court, in a regulation park, on a regulation summer day. Game play and physics are as realistic as possible.

Play against another human or against one of three different computer opponents. Several scoring options are available. With automated scoring, you can play a standard game where “close” counts, or a tournament game where only ringers are scored. If you’re feeling ruthless, try cancellation scoring where only one player scores per inning. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even use manual scoring where anything goes, even “leaners.”

Two pitching options are also available. The Flick control is the quickest way to get started. The 3D Aimer control, inspired by a popular golf game, takes a bit more practice to master, but it gives you more precise control over the lift, direction, and power of your pitch.

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